Discover Holistic Allergy Therapy Options With Chesterfield MO Allergist

If you suffer with allergies in the Midwest you are not alone. Many people must deal with sneezing, coughing and itching. In addition, food allergies can cause a host of digestive problems like diarrhea, rashes, and feeling poorly. However, help is available from your local Chesterfield MO allergist and you could be feeling much better soon.

Some allergic reactions are caused by the human immune system. For some reason, things like pollens and dust may cause the immune system to react with inflammation and other symptoms of allergies. However, today many people are suffering with problems like food sensitivities and this may have nothing to do with the immune response.

When you see your holistic allergist you will be examined and could be helped with a therapy option known as AAT or Advanced Allergy therapeutics. With AAT, you do not receive drugs, injections, herbal supplements or other remedies. The therapy is not painful and is so safe it can be used on babies.

Some foods you eat may have an effect on certain organ systems in the body. This may result in heartburn, IBS, rashes, or other problems. When you receive AAT, pressure is applied in certain areas to help stimulate a specific organ system. Also, the skin surface receives something which reacts similarly to the offending food or material.

AAT helps to relive stress on a certain organ system and this can take away the allergic reaction for many people. However, AAT is not about immune response and allergies, but specific sensitivities the body develops to things. Many allergic problems can be helped, like asthma, hives, fatigue, and hyperactivity.

Your body could be sensitive to everyday things you come in contact with. For example, household cleansers, latex, cosmetics, pets, food additives, and certain fabrics, may cause irritation. When you see your holistic allergy professional, you can receive help with a number of problems, and you can be assured, all of your options are natural and safe.

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