Discover How A Chesterfield MO Allergy And Asthma Professional Can Help You

Allergists are doctors who help patients who suffer from hives, drug and food allergies, eczema, asthma, sinus infections and allergies to stinging insects. If you suffer from any of these problems during the year, check with a St. Louis MO allergist. He can help if the problem is seasonal or something that affects the patient during the entire year.

Some allergies are not serious enough to need a doctor’s help. They can be treated with home remedies or an over-the-counter medicine. A doctor needs to be seen when allergies begin to interfere with daily activities or they become life threatening.

An allergist knows how to identify the things that cause allergic reactions or asthma. In many cases, they can help patients avoid allergy problems. This type of doctor must earn a regular medical degree first, and then do a residency in pediatrics or internal medicine. After that, he finishes another two or three years specializing in the field of immunology and allergy. Only then is he certified to work with allergy patients.

Allergies do not play favorites. They can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, gender or how rich or poor they are. These problems most often begin in children, however, they can begin for the first time at any age. They can even begin in childhood, disappear for a number of years and then show up again in adulthood.

An allergic reaction happens when the immune system thinks a substance is harmful to the body. The body reacts by causing body cells to release histamines into the blood stream. Depending on what the allergen is at the time, the allergic reaction will most often affect the lungs, the sinuses, or the skin.

An allergist can pinpoint allergens by running a blood test or by pricking the skin. The skin test is normally done on the back or on the arms. He pricks the skin and exposes it to small amounts of different allergens. A red raised bump indicates that the patient is allergic to that allergen.

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