Discover Safe Pet Allergy Relief With St. Louis MO Allergist

Allergies cause flu like symptoms that worsen without the proper management techniques. Sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, rashes and respiratory problems are symptoms associated with a pet allergy and seldom relieved for a long period with conventional measures. A St. Louis MO allergist offers comprehensive care efforts and solutions to alleviate irritations and provide patients with non-invasive options for symptom prevention.

Pets can trigger specific allergic responses owing to dander and allergens found in the saliva and on the coat. When affected individuals come into contact with these triggers, the body reacts with any combination of symptoms from sneezing and watery eyes to hives, coughing, and facial discomfort. Conventional care includes the use of antihistamines, but these products alone are insufficient to produce relief.

Feline allergies are most prevalent causing severe adverse reactions when in close proximity to pets. For many people, simply remaining in areas frequented by cats can trigger a severe response. To manage the impact of chronic conditions, remain a safe distance from areas frequented by cats to prevent exposure to dust and dander.

Consultation with a professional can assist in performing a holistic assessment to detect causes. Air humidifiers and vacuum cleaning pet areas can remove the hair, dust and dander that remain in environments inhabited by domestic animals. Ensure that pets are not provided free reign of the home and at least one room is kept well managed.

A practitioner can determine a suitable course of antihistamines to prevent symptoms from developing. Individualized prescriptions can deliver relief when combined with effective care strategies to keep the indoor environment clean and healthy. Supplements high in Omega fatty acids and minerals can boost immune function and minimize tiredness and susceptibility to colds and flu.

A comprehensive healthcare approach is created to manage pet allergy symptoms. An individual assessment is performed to detect environmental triggers and determine ways of maintaining a clean and clear indoor living space. Non-invasive and natural techniques are provided to address individual needs and provide chronic relief from symptoms.

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