Discover Safe Allergy and Asthma Relief Options with St. Louis MO Allergist Office

Allergic reactions can affect all ages of children, including infants, and adults, male or female. Everyone reacts differently to allergic reactions and the most commonly used options prescribed by their doctors act differently on each person.

While some people are bothered in the spring or fall season, others may be bothered just during the hot summer months; others may be bothered especially during the winter when they close windows and turn on their furnace for the first time. Other people have allergy problems year around, and it makes no difference what season they are facing.

Certain factors trigger an exacerbation of asthmatic symptoms. Sometimes people know what allergies triggered the asthma attack, other times the person does not have a clue.

Allergens present in the forms of seasonal changes with molds and mildews from dying foliage in the fall air, increased moisture out-of-doors, smoke from burning leaves, the first budding flowers in the spring, fresh cut grass in the summer, and more. Allergies can be from animal dander, dust, and even from symptoms of IBS triggered by a food allergy of which the person may or may know exists, and much more.

In the case of an allergic reaction such as hives, neither the individual nor the doctor may or may not know what caused the hives. Thus the physician and patient must calculate through a series of additions and subtractions. Allergies and asthma are one of the most difficult health issues to offer options to decrease signs and symptoms.

Most people would agree that if they already suffer from allergies and asthma they want relief options with the safest rate of success and comfort without making their symptoms worse.

What Constitutes Safe Allergy and Asthma Treatment Options?

Would you not prefer relief from your allergies and asthma through the use of no drugs, supplements, needles, pain, invasive procedures, or through the avoidance of anything in life that brings you joy and happiness? This pathway towards wellness is within your reach and is not too good to be true or realized.

Patients with asthma and allergies discover a decrease in allergy symptoms with a high rate of success, foregoing all invasive procedures.
It breaks any parent’s heart to see their children go through nagging and scary medical options for asthma and allergies. If there were only a way to help children of all ages, including infants would it not be worth seeing your baby free from these conditions through a non-invasive and proven route to healing.

Safe and efficient options for decreasing asthma and allergy symptoms are what seasoned, and skilled Dr. Ian Wahl devotes his life. Dr. Wahl never guarantees to cure any asthma or allergy problem for any patient, but what this doctor does is promote proven options that are safe, highly effective long-term help, and proven successful decrease of allergy and asthma symptoms at the St. Louis Allergy Relief Center.

The proof is in the many patients already realizing relief from their allergy issues with highly safe, non-invasive procedures. A track record of accomplishment in safely decreasing symptoms of allergies and asthma proves successful time and again for this MO Allergist. Call today for your free consultation for allergy and asthma relief,


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