Learn about Pet Allergy Relief Options with St. Louis MO Allergy Center

Pets are a wonderful addition to the family and they can be your best friends. If you have allergies or asthma however, the furry form of a dog or cat or hamster or rabbit can also be your worst enemy. Pets that are warm blooded- so everything really other than fish and reptiles, will shed dander, which is a combination of dead skin cells, dried saliva, and fur or feather shreds. Dander can trigger asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions in people with pet allergies to dander, fur, or feathers. For severe cases of allergies it often recommended by St. Louis, MO Allergist to be pet-free home, especially if children are involved. However, there are several things you can do to lessen pet allergens at home without getting rid of your beloved pets.

Minimize contact
You can reduce dander, fur, and other allergens in your home by relegating your pets to the outdoors as much as possible. At the very least, dogs and cats should not be allowed in the bedrooms and never on the beds. Smaller pets like hamsters and rabbits need to also be kept out of children’s rooms. Wood flooring in the home and blinds instead of drapes traps less dander and are easier to clean, thus making it easier to keep dander and pet related allergens in check.

Clean, clean, clean
And we are not talking about the dog or cat, though that is important and will be discussed later. Dusting and vacuuming frequently can help keep dander from accumulating around the house and keeps the air cleaner. St. Louis, MO Allergist do sat it is still a good idea to do the house cleaning when the person with allergies or asthma is not at home so any allergens present are not kicked up into the air while they are around. Wood and tile floors make cleaning faster and easier too.

Bathe your pet
Research has shown over the years that frequently bathing your pet an be a great way to reduce the allergens that are found in their dander. You cannot keep your pet from having dander, almost all breeds of dogs and cats have dander because of the fibers of their hair and the way they shed. What you can do though is lessen the potency of that dander so when it does get into the air it does not cause as severe of symptoms. Washing your dog several times a month can be a great way to lessen the dander load. The same may hold true for cats but due to the innate difficulty of bathing felines, it is hard to determine if the results are worth the effort involved.

Clean cages and bedding
Though smaller pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, mice, ferrets, birds, and other pets typically confined to cages are less of a problem when it comes to causing flareups for allergy and asthma sufferers, dander and urine accumulation can still lead to acute allergy or asthma attacks. Cages need to be leaned often and are best kept out of bedrooms and it is best to change the bedding and do the cleaning outside if possible. Likewise, litter boxes must be regularly emptied and are best moved out of living areas. Your dog and cat can also benefit from having their bedding and favorite toys washed now and then to keep allergens from accumulating there as well.

Set up your appointment with Dr. Ian Wahl today and enjoy life with less severe allergy and asthma symptoms with a little help from a St. Louis, MO Allergist with years of experience! For more information, visit the website at http://www.stlouisallergyrelief.com/.


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