St. Louis Allergy Relief Center in St. Louis MO, Helps Animal Lovers with Allergy Relief

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center can help animal lovers and pet owners with the symptoms of pet allergies and allow them to keep their pets.

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center is proud to offer an alternative natural therapy for allergy sufferers called Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. This is a holistic therapy that does not use needles, drugs or supplements, does not require avoiding the allergen and is safe for young children and seniors.

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics should not be used for severe allergies with a risk of anaphylaxis or other life threatening symptoms, but successfully relieves the symptoms of allergies or sensitivities long term. In the case of food “allergies,” many of the people who think they have allergies actually have sensitivities, which cannot be addressed with antihistamines and other drugs.

The therapy works by using gentle pressure on points associated with the organ or system that is reacting to the substance. In other words, AAT does not focus on the substance, but only on the reaction – reducing the stress on the effected system. It combines modern science with acupuncture principles to create a system that has few side effects and good results.

If a person is allergic to a cat or dog then it is most often the dander causing the reaction, although some individuals react to pet urine. With AAT it does not matter – the symptoms are treated. So, if a child is sniffling after playing with the dog, this gentle therapy encourages the respiratory system to stop overreacting to the stimulus. Because AAT does not recommend avoidance, there is no need to find a new home for the animals, or for a person to give up riding horses because of allergic reactions to the horses or their feed.

Allergy sufferers should consider contacting this MO allergist to find help with their symptoms. St. Louis Allergy Relief Center is ready to help people in the area live better lives.

Company Name: St. Louis Allergy Relief Center
Address: 1415 Elbridge Payne Road, #145, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Contact Telephone Number: (314) 384-9304


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